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30 years with Apple....

It's early on this Friday morning as I peruse the internet for the latest news. What catches my eye? Apple Computer is celebrating their 30th year with the MacIntosh computer, oddly enough, coinciding with our 30th year in business. Which gets me thinking....

I still remember the day ,30 years ago, walking into the computer store, in search of LCI's first work computer. And there it was.....the Mac,  beaconing to me......with that silly magician graphic on the screen and the trademark "dong"  sound while booting up.  I was sold. I convinced my partners that this is what we needed and we walked out of the store carrying the small pc back to the office. 

Now...Apple is a multi billion dollar corporation with assets and profits to amaze the heartiest accountant. Their computer systems have expanded and changed the way humans interact. Yet, LCI remains a small, personal company that actually answers the phone when it rings. And we have single handedly gone through most of the MacIntosh models.

So, in no way, can we compare to Apple Computer...yet we can say..that our first bridge supplied...30 years still in service and performing as designed for the owner......can Apple say that?

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