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Wood and Water (Part 2)

To continue the conversation of water protection of wood, I would like to discuss Glu Lam transverse decking. Transverse decking is used on structures with steel stringers as well as timber stringer bridges making it probably the most common type of timber bridge component used. Due to the nature of the timber deck orientation, the deck ends (which contain all end grain) are exposed to the elements, rain, snow & ice as well as water runoff from the roadway surface.

Protection of this face of the panel is important to the longevity of the material itself. You always have to look for ways to keep the material dry and stable.

The following are some pictures of a recent deck project where pre bent metal drip edges were manufactured and placed on alternating panels where scupper opening will occur. Our hope is that the panel end grain will be protected from any water run off. This detail can be used on decks that do not have alternating panels as well. Note that installation is required prior to rail placement.

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